Top 3 Benefits of Text Messaging


Whether you manage a restaurant, own a chain of thrift stores, or are organizing a baseball league, text messaging puts you in direct contact with your audience. From quickly notifying practice time changes, to offering special discounts and sending birthday wishes, text messaging is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to communicate today. The information we receive on a daily basis can take many forms – email, messaging apps, social media and more – which is why it can be difficult for your message to stand out from the crowd. But text messaging solves the problem with distinct benefits, including:

Text Messages Get Read 
While email open rates are around 20 percent (assuming they aren’t delivered directly to a spam folder), text messages have an open rate of more than 95 percent. What’s more, most text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received. Simply put, text messages get read.

People Respond to Text Messages
The average person responds to an email in about 90 minutes, whereas text messages are read within 90 seconds. Text messaging is immediate, which is great for time-sensitive communication such as “Practice cancelled today” or “Wine tasting tonight.” What’s more, people want to receive text messages, with 75 percent reporting they would like to have offers sent to them via text.

Text Messages are Personal and Always Available
Chances are, you’re either reading this on your mobile device or it’s close by. According to Morgan Stanley, 91 percent of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7. Raise your hand if you’re guilt of this: more than two out of five people have slept with their phones. Text messaging is personal and everywhere. What’s more, today's mobile phones are text-enabled, which means almost everyone can receive text messages. 

Text marketing can help businesses of all kinds reach their audience quickly and effectively. When you consider the benefits – off-the-chart read rates, quick response time and wide availability – it becomes clear why some of the country’s top brands are using text, from Applebee’s to Walgreen’s.

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Three Ways to Increase Sales with Text Messaging


You already know the stats about text message effectiveness:
  • Text messages have an open rate of more than 95 percent, whereas about 20 percent of emails are opened.
  • Ninety-eight percent of text messages are read within 2 minutes.
  • Text messages generates a 45 percent response rate (compared to 6 percent for email).

But did you know text marketing is also very efficient? Its sales-generating capabilities makes text messaging one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available today. In fact, most 218Marketing clients realize a return on their initial investment after only two or three text campaigns! Here’s how text messaging can increase sales:

Increase Leads
More leads = more sales. Text messaging enters this equation by turning viewers into leads as the most-used form of communication in the world. 8.5 billion texts are sent every day in the US by approximately 260 million people. What’s more, three-quarters of U.S. adults own a smartphone, and 91 percent of Americans have a mobile phone that is text-ready. In short, people would much rather send and receive texts than call, email or message.

Keep Loyal Customers Loyal
You’re familiar with the fact that it’s easier to keep satisfied customers than gain new ones. Research has shown that even a 5 percent increase in customer retention can improve your bottom line by as much as 95 percent. Obviously, it pays to keep current customers satisfied, and one of the best ways to do so is by continually re-engaging them. Text messaging helps you do this by sending special promotions, exclusive features and new opportunities.

Increase 5-star Reviews
Online reviews are becoming increasingly more important to business success. In fact, customers read an average of seven reviews before trusting a business. Text messaging can help generate more great reviews, which are crucial in getting new customers and increasing sales. Research shows that text messaging has the highest click-through rate (CTR) of hyperlinks compared to email marketing search advertising and social media advertising. Combined with high open- and read- rates, sending a text message with a link for a review can be very successful.
Increased sales, higher customer loyalty, more awesome reviews…there are a lot of benefits to text messaging, and 218Marketing makes it easy to take advantage of all it all. Our done-for-you service means we do the hard stuff, so you don’t have to. Get started today!

Text Marketing Ideas


  • Attract customers to your bricks-and-mortar or online store. Build loyalty with mobile coupons and timely offers.
  • Create VIP programs and send mobile coupons by text to increase revenue during off-peak hours. Provide text links for customer surveys. Offer ability for customers to text in and receive Daily Specials.
  • Communicate practice times instantly and easily to your team or organization.
  • Send service reminders or updates, text daily Scripture or send links to surveys or visitor cards.
  • Reach and engage your audience with meeting reminders, special even promotion and fundraising appeals.
  • Send text notifications to parents, teachers and students as part of your school safety plan, or use group texting to send reminders for meetings, schedule changes and more.
  • Send text messages announcing new listings, price drops or just sold announcements.
  • Send event updates, class reminders, severe weather notifications, and promote merchandise and dining options.
  • Make the most of your marketing budget by targeting subscribers with special offers.